Miss V

Like a pure white diamond I'll shine on and on
21 June 1982

26. Gemini cusped with Cancer. English. Clerical cupcake. 3 Maine Coons. Hello Kitty collector. Constant music listener. Writer. Crafter. Baker. Dreamer. Sarcastic. Intelligent. Shy. Old-fashioned.

She has her head in the Oxfordshire clouds while her feet are kept warm in fluffy socks. Always dreaming at speeds featured on the motorways and believing she lives in a pre-1950s classic movies.

She once believed she could grow wings and fly above the trees but the pebbles got thrown and she was grounded to the fields where she skipped amongst the corn.

Some days she finds that the sky will still get grey and the blue clouds will fall on her shoulders and that even the greener grass seems to fade when the sun shines. The Lizard never made golden promises so she adorns her feet with colours and higher steps for inner sunshine.
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